Hakuba Dojo
Where Mind, Body and Soul come together                                                                                                 Contact: 07779709793

At Hakuba we support and guide you on a journey where you become more aware of how your Mind, Body and Spirit are all connected. We want you to be more healthy both physically and mentally. Be more confident, and have a strong belief in you, your skills and abilities. So whether you have practiced before, you are young or older, there is something for you at Hakuba. We love sharing our knowledge so other can experience the benefits we have.
Class times and days
Monday - 7.30pm - 9pm
Wednesday - 7.30pm - 9pm
Citadel Hall
Pay & Display car park which is free after 6pm
We have fun while learning
We learn use our body effectively to defend ourselves
We get to travel! Greece, Italy, Finland France
First lesson free and  when you sign up you get a free karate suit!
So come along and see what we do, you will be surprised, many are!
It's all crash and Bash?!
You may be surprised to know it's not. We learn how to use our natural instincts and movement to be more aware of what's happening in us, and what's around us. By being more aware we can avoid situation that may bring you into harms way. Using this and techniques to defend ourselves we have a system which is promotes wellbeing and self defence.
I'm to old to do this!
We have a 72 year old who has been practicing with us for the last year. Their initial thought was that it would be to physical for them, so I invited them along to see what we did and they were surprised at what they saw, loved what we did so they joined
us straight away!
Everyone is different so we adapt the practice for your physical ability.
I'm not fit enough!
Whether you have been a couch potato for many years or are just not used to exercise we will help you build up your fitness and stamina.
We want you to enjoy your experience, so we will get you strong, healthy and fit at a pace that pushes you in a productive and fun way.

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